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Why is the Battery on My Phone Dying So Fast?

Is there anything more frustrating than looking at your phone and finding that you have almost no battery left when you’ve just charged it? It may seem puzzling that your cell phone’s battery is draining, even when you’re not using it. However, there are several factors you probably haven’t considered that can affect your battery life.

In this article, discover some tips to extend the battery life of your cell phone!

Your cell phone screen brightness is too high

Although at first glance this may not seem to be an important factor in a phone’s battery life, keeping screen brightness high could be one of the main reasons why your phone’s battery dies so fast.

To solve this problem, turn on the auto-brightness feature on your cell phone. This will allow your device to adjust its brightness to the level of ambient light so you can always see your screen without running out of battery power. You can also decrease the time the screen displays after you’re done using it. These features are available for virtually all cell phone brands.

Too many “push” notifications are enabled on your phone

Are you the kind of person who receives dozens of notifications a day from multiple applications? You should know that activating all these notifications consumes a ton of battery power. In fact, enabling push notifications for an application allows it to always stay active in the background so that it can instantly notify you if there’s something new. You should only enable notifications that are necessary if you want to save your battery power as much as possible.

Several power-hungry mobile applications are active in the background

When you exit an application or game by returning to the Home screen, it automatically closes, right? No, it doesn’t! Instead, it’s suspended until you come back to it later. That means it always stays active in the background. So when you have more than one suspended at the same time, you’re using a lot of energy.

Once in a while, remember to close applications you are not using. On an iPhone, you can see all active applications by tapping your Home screen button twice. To close them, simply drag the windows that appear upwards.

Your phone’s software isn’t updated

It’s easy to miss a software update on our phone, either because it takes too long or because you simply forget. However, an operating system software update can fix some bugs that could contribute to short battery life. Make sure you are using the latest version of iOS or Android!

Make better use of your cell phone to conserve its battery life!

In short, if your cell phone’s battery is draining too fast, you can reduce its energy consumption by lowering the screen brightness, turning off unnecessary notifications, closing energy-intensive applications and keeping the phone’s software up to date.

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