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Why is My Phone So Hot?

Have you started noticing that your phone gets very hot when you use it? You should address this problem before it causes damage to your phone.

Many factors can cause your phone to overheat, but every problem has a solution.

Here are a few possible reasons why your phone is so hot and some tips to stop this from happening.

A few reasons why your phone overheats

There are many reasons why your phone gets so hot. Whether you have an iPhone or Samsung phone, any mobile device can overheat. Some technical and environmental factors may be causing this problem.

Too many open apps

Did you know that your applications can be active in the background even if you are not using them? Your apps continue to run if you do not close them.

Never shutting your apps can end up draining your cell phone’s battery and cause it to overheat as a result.

Playing games often or streaming a lot of videos

If you often play games or continuously watch movies and shows on your cell phone, this may be causing your phone to get hot. Games and videos use the central processor and graphics processing unit, which can overwork your device’s battery.

Your cell phone settings are not optimized

Some settings can also be causing your phone to heat up. High brightness, using mobile data and installing apps are just a few examples of settings that wear out your cell phone’s battery. Remember to adjust these settings to optimize your device’s performance and prevent it from getting hot.

Environmental factors

Leaving your phone on a table outside on a very hot day can cause your phone to overheat. Make sure not to leave your phone in very hot areas since this can cause long term damage to your phone.

How to prevent your phone from getting hot

Here is how you can stop your cell phone from getting so hot.

Reduce the brightness

Try to always adjust the brightness on your smartphone to a low setting. If you often forget, you can activate automatic brightness. The brightness will then automatically adapt to the ambient light.

Put your phone in low power mode

If you have an Android device, activate the power saving mode to limit battery consumption and prevent your phone from heating up.

Remove the case

Your phone case may also be retaining the heat emitted by your phone and cause it to overheat. If you notice that the problem stops when you remove the case, consider getting a new case.

Uninstall power-consuming apps

Does your phone get hot every time you open a certain app? Consider uninstalling it to preserve your phone’s lifespan.

Take good care of your cell phone

As you can see, there are many factors that can cause your phone to get so hot. Keep these in mind and follow our advice to prevent your phone from overheating and prolong its battery life.

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