There is nothing more frustrating than dropping your smartphone in water. This type of incident happens all the time – in the toilette, at the pool, at the restaurant, in a puddle…

Fortunately, all is not lost. There are plenty of ways to dry up your phone in order to save it and to avoid having to buy a new phone because of a stupid accident. Do not hesitate to bookmark this page. We never know when bad luck might strike and having the right information on hand could make a great difference.

Do not panic!

If you drop your smartphone in water, take a deep breath and stop the panic. Take it out of the liquid immediately – the longer your phone sits in water, the greater the extent of the damages.

Carefully take out the battery

Do not even try to turn off your device. Instead, open the casing and take the battery out as soon as you can. If you cannot remove the battery – this is the case with iPhone devices – you will have to try and turn your phone off. Switching off the power helps limit the damages by avoiding a short circuit.

Blot with a clean towel

With a clean and absorbing towel, lightly blot your phone to remove all excess liquid. Do not try to dry it up with a blow dryer or by putting it in the oven. Heat can greatly damage parts and components.

You are now ready to proceed to the most important part of your phone-saving process. Several methods have proven to be effective, here are a few:

A good old night’s sleep in a bag full of rice

This is probably the most affordable and simple method. Indeed, who does not have a bag full of rice in their pantry? Just make sure to carefully wrap your phone in a piece of absorbent paper towel so that the mushy wet rice does not get stuck in the cracks or the charging port. Leave your phone in the bag for at least 24 to 36 hours before taking it out.

Synthetic desiccants

This option is a little less accessible than the rice bag method. However, if you have some silica gel on hand, do not hesitate to use it. Synthetic desiccants are a lot more effective at drying your electronics and can significantly reduce the drying time required for your phone.

Specialized products

If you can put your hands on a Dry-All bag, all you need to do is put your phone in the bag and wait for the required amount of time – usually one or two days. Specialized products can easily be found on renowned websites such as Amazon for less than 20 $ and can be very well worth the cost.

What if nothing works?

These methods usually work well but sometimes, you can try anything and everything to revive your phone without having any success. If your phone is really dead and you need to get another one, avoid buying a new device at the full cost. Your wallet will thank you for it. Instead, choose a used cell phone. Recycell has a great selection of cheap iPhone devices and used Samsung smartphones to replace your dead smartphone without breaking the bank.