The short answer is: between 3 and 5 years. In fact, it relies a lot on its owner’s utilization and maintenance. Truthfully, a battery’s longevity is calculated by numbers of cycle of charging and discharging. Still, there exist a code of conduct that can prolong the life of a cellphone battery.

Three golden rules to increase the lifetime of a cellphone’s battery

Much like a human, a battery is made up of cells. It is the very destruction of these cells that reduces its stockage capacity. Your goal is then to preserve them as much as possible!

Rule #1: Avoid extreme temperatures

When exposed to intense cold or heat, your cellphone needs to burn through more power in order to stay at a functioning level. Not only will this inevitably cut down its energy content quickly, it will affect its longevity as well.

Rule #2: Avoid energy opposites (0%, 100%)

A battery is at most at risk when it is at its most critical point energy wise. This goes as well for when it is at full capacity for too long. In this spirit, multiple small recharge throughout the day is the recommended way versus a single long recharge, like plugging it at night while sleeping.

Rule #3: Limit the battery’s utilization

Obviously, the busier the battery, the shorter its lifespan. However, it is not necessarily only a matter of time, but also a matter of utilization. Deactivating some of your cellphone’s functionalities when not using them is a great practice to begin with (ex: wifi, emails, bluetooth, geolocalisation).

By respecting this small guide, your cellphone battery will no doubt reward you with a long life!