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What is a Flagship Phone?

If you’ve ever done research before buying a new cell phone, you may have come across the term “flagship phone” but not understood exactly what it means.

In this article, find out what flagship phones are and why it can be advantageous to purchase them used.

Flagship models defined

Generally speaking, the term “flagship model” is used to describe the best, latest and most advanced product offered by manufacturers of phones, computers, TVs, cars, etc. Of course, most of the time, that means the flagship model is also the most expensive product the manufacturer offers.

As you can imagine, most flagship models don’t keep their title indefinitely. They are constantly being replaced as companies refine their products and upgrade them with new technology.

Flagship phones

Every year, cell phone manufacturers unveil new and improved models that replace their flagship phone of the previous year. They are constantly raising the bar on various features of their devices:

  • Resolution and screen size
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Camera
  • Battery life
  • And more!

Apple’s flagship phone is usually the latest and most expensive iPhone model. The principle is much the same for Google’s Pixel models.

Android device manufacturers such as Samsung who offer several different product ranges (e.g., Galaxy, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Z Fold, etc.) tend to have multiple flagship phones at once, each one representing the best of its range.

Are flagship phones worth buying?

Despite all the improvements, flagship phones aren’t usually that much more impressive than their predecessors from one or two years ago.

That means that unless you have cash to spare, it’s not really worth breaking the bank on a flagship phone. It’s much more economical to either buy a used or refurbished phone, or choose a new mid-range model that has most of the features you want.

Instead of buying a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max that costs over $2,000, you could opt for a used iPhone with similar features and dimensions, such as an iPhone 11 Pro Max (which was a flagship model not too long ago!), and save over $1,000.

That being said, buying a flagship phone may be worthwhile for some who rely on their phone for work or leisure, because even the slightest increase in performance would give them a competitive advantage.

Find a wide variety of used flagship phones at Recycell

Flagship phones are the very best cell phones available on the market. All brands have their own flagship models, which change constantly as new devices are released.

At Recycell, we have a wide variety of used phones available at a fraction of the original price, many of which are high-end devices that were flagship models mere months ago. Feel free to take a look at the phones we have available (Apple, SamsungHuawei, LG, and more!).


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