iOS 8 has launched back in September this year and most iPhone owners made sure to upgrade their iOS as soon as they could.

Indeed, a lot of improvements were made. Apple has, among other things, upgraded the camera, messages and keyboard applications, and allowed the members of a same family to share an account.

iCloud Drive and HealthKit, as well as the integration of major search engines to Spotlight, are also part of the new features included in iOS 8.

Of course, iOS upgrade is synonymous with compatibility issues. New operating systems are often a lot heavier and need more resources than their predecessors to function properly and to provide optimal performance.

That means you have to be careful when updating iOS. If you have not already taken a look to the list of compatible devices, we suggest that you proceed to do so immediately. This will avoid updating your operating system, only to find out that your device has become sluggish because of lag issues.

Compatibility with iPhone 6

It goes without saying that the brand new member of the Apple family is compatible with iOS 8. Apple also likes to say that the most recent version of its operating system was tailor-made for this new device, and promises outstanding performances if iOS 8 is installed on this specific phone.

Compatibility with iPhone 5

Whether you own an iPhone 5, 5c or 5s, your device is not only compatible with this new version of iOS, but it is also able to run iOS 8 very smoothly. You do not have to worry about your phone’s performance, and you can have peace of mind. Go ahead and download that new iOS version!

Compatibility with iPhone 4

Most unfortunately, the iPhone 4 is not one of the devices compatible with iOS 8. However, the iPhone 4s might be compatible, but we do not recommend that you proceed with the upgrade. Indeed, this new version of iOS might significantly slow down your device. If you still decide to upgrade your operating system, make sure that you can still go back to iOS 7 in case you are unhappy with your new system.

And If I Want to Change my Phone?

If you wish to get yourself a new phone and want it to be compatible with iOS 8, why not choose an iPhone 5? As mentioned in a prior blog post, you do not have to purchase an iPhone 6 to benefit from all the neat features included in this new version of iOS.

Anyway, we suggest that you wait a little bit before buying a new generation phone, to allow the manufacturer to correct all the little problems and defects of their new device.

Also, if you want to pay a price that will please your wallet, we offer a used iPhone 5 at a very affordable cost. Contact us today for more information or spoil yourself by browsing through our great variety of used phones.