iPhone is one of the leading smartphone brands. This phone is popular because it uses powerful applications to simplify your everyday life. Here is an introduction to the ten best iPhone apps..

Always on time with Week calendar

With the Week Calendar application, you will always be on time to your different appointments. It is an application you should not do without especially if you have a busy schedule. This application easily gives you the advantages of a very powerful agenda for a low price.

The best scanner with scanner pro

Scanner Pro is a reliable application used to send administrative documents. It allows you to easily convert a photo taken with your iPhone into a PDF document. Once your document is processed, you can sent it by    e-mail to the person of your choice.

A currency converter

At some point in time, we need to make the currency conversion. Since we are not all great mathematicians, it is best to get help from an efficient conversion application. The ‘’Rates’’ application is an essential in these conditions because it quickly and easily calculates exchange rates.

Find information about your favorite artist and songs

Shazam is an application that gives you access to all the information about your music and favorite artists. Through the application, your iPhone immediately records a song and determines the title, author, album, etc. Everything you need to know about the music you are listening to at this moment.

EasyWiFi for connection to FREE networks

The EasyWiFi application is an essential application when travelling. It will allow you to connect to free networks or to any other conventional networks, even if you do not have the password of the network. An application to stay in touch with friends and family regardless of where you are located.

Edit your videos with splice

Although there are several applications to edit videos, Splice has a considerable advantage over the rest. It simply edits your videos without any complications. No need to be an expert to put a video together.

Original photos with DMD Clone

The iPhone application DMD Clone is dedicated to all those who like to take original photos with ease. It has features to improve your pictures, regardless of where they are taken.

Hyperlapse to shoot videos like a pro

You do not need to be an expert to film professional videos. The Hyperlapse application is intended to shoot Time-Lapse and regular videos with a high performance stabilizer function.

An application to track your shipements

Many people complain about losing their shipped packages. This problem is solved with the application Posted! With this app, you can easily track your packages and even receive notifications when there is an update on your shipment status.

A database for your many passwords

Because safety is paramount, we must create many complex passwords for our different accounts. But when you have a short memory, it is better to use the Password application, which can store many complex passwords and lock them securely with only one password.