What would a smartphone be without any applications? Much needed, applications are programs that bring smartphones to life. For this purpose, we selected the ten best applications for Android to make your phone a unique, personalized and powerful tool.

Personalize your smartphone with launcher

The launcher application is a program that helps launch the applications available on your Android smartphone. This application is useful if you want to have a nice home screen, change the name of applications, and to further customize your phone. Fortunately, you can discover the various applications on the Google Play Store.

Notifications made easy with AcDisplay

AcDisplay gives a better display of your notifications. Even if the phone is on airplane mode.

Good communication through Drupe

Drupe is a program that aims to improve and simplify communication with Android smartphones. It transfers contacts from your Smartphone to multiple applications such as Facebook, Gmail, etc. It makes the transfer quick and easy for you.

See Web content with Pocket

Without connection, this application enables you to consult any web page. It also makes it possible to download videos or texts on your Smartphone.

Panda Mobile Security to defeat viruses

Safety is important for the life span of your smartphone. Panda Mobile Security app provides flawless security, every time. Described as best antivirus on Android, this application provides security options to safely check your accounts and other messages directly on your mobile phone.

Waze: The best Android GPS application

A GPS is essential to identify your location or to find your way through a city. With Waze on your Android smartphone, you have access to a powerful GPS. This is the best application to guide you on the road of North America.

Enjoy free Wi-Fi through Instabridge

Instabridge helps you detect free Wi-Fi networks, regardless of where you are. The location of free Wi-Fi networks are presented in map form. This application is free on Google Play Store.

An application to change your icons

Making  Android smartphone more attractive and stylish necessarily involves changing icons. But, what solutions are available for that purpose? You must first, install an application launcher and then an icon pack. This is available on the Google Play Store.

Google Photos to store HD photos and videos

With the new version of this application recently launched, you have unlimited storage space for your HD photos and videos. It’s an application that Transforms all Android smartphone owners into real photographers.

Create your own magazine with Flipboard

This free application gives you the ability to create your magazine with videos and favorite items. It also offers the possibility of sharing your content.