Everybody loves getting new stuff. Appeal to novelty, fashion, trends, and the almost unlimited availability of items in stores are powerful arguments that can greatly influence your purchasing behavior.

However, there are some items that you could benefit from buying second hand. Of course, you will have to expect some minor wear and tear, but for those following items, we promise these eventual flaws will in no way compromise their intended use.


New books can cost an average of 20$ plus applicable taxes. If you are a bookworm, you know as much as we do how expensive your passion for literature can become.

Well, here are two very interesting options for you : either you borrow your books at a nearby library, or buy used books from your local bookstore. In the first case, the books do not belong to you and you will have to bring them back before a specific date.

However, you will not have to pay a dime. In the second case, you can expect to pay as much as a quarter or a third of the price of a new book and you will get to read it as many times as you want. Yes, second hand books are a great solution to feed your addiction.


As weird as it may seem, computers are one of the items you should consider buying second hand. Some renowned websites sell refurbished computers that are in excellent working condition at a price you will not be able to resist. Some of these devices are sometimes even sold at less than half price of a new computer! It would be a shame to miss out on such a deal.

Sports Equipment

Whether you are looking for a bike or sports equipment for your youngest that outgrew everything you bought last year, you can be sure to find everything to suit your needs – at a great price! – if you decide to buy second hand gear. Some sports equipment stores even go as far as exchanging your gear. Do not forget to bring your old equipment for others to benefit from a great deal.

High end DSLR cameras

If you decide to purchase a used DSLR camera, you might be lucky and find a nice bargain. A lot of people wish to get rid of their old SLR body and are selling it at a ridiculously low price. The same applies to camera lenses. Make sure to shop like a pro; you might end up making significant savings!


Looking at classified ads can be boring, but it can also be very well worth it. Who knows, you can find beautiful furniture at a price that can be further bargained once you meet the vendor. Indeed, bargaining prices is also one of the benefits of buying second-hand furniture.


Of course, purchasing a brand new smartphone can be very fun. However, a lot of people seem to forget that a used cell phone can be just as good and offer the same great features as a new device.

Recycell provides you with the opportunity to buy a cheap iPhone 4, a used iPhone 5 and even cheap Samsung smartphones at a price that we guarantee will please your wallet. Stop buying new all the time and see how much you can save by buying second hand. Keep this list handy: you might need it!