Only a small quantity of programs is dedicated to recycling electronic devices here in Quebec. Over the past few years, however, this trend has gained a lot more popularity. A lot of organizations and businesses – including Recycell now have an excellent electric and electronic devices recycling program. Some companies even go as far as helping you get rid of your devices by coming directly to your home to collect them. And you know what? You will not even have to pay a dime.

Needless to say this kind of initiative has a great environmental impact, by preventing that tons and tons of electronic material ends up in landfills. However, there are also other benefits to such programs and we would like to share with you the many reasons why you should recycle your electronic devices – most particularly why you should recycle your old cell phone.

Extracting metals

As per the Council of Canadian Academies, the quantity of gold that can be extracted from electronics can be as much as 40 to 50 times greater than what you can extract from the ore. Recycling electric appliances and electronic devices is a very interesting alternative to mining.

Precious metal resources are far from inexhaustible and are becoming more difficult to find. This means that their cost is skyrocketing, therefore causing the cost of new devices to rise. Recycling your electronics allow the prices to stay relatively low, helping you save on future purchases.

Avoid falling in the over-consumption cycle

Devices that can still be put back on the market or the parts that can be used and salvaged allow you to give your devices a second life away from the landfills. Avoid purchasing new devices by choosing second hand appliances and electronics. Make responsible choices to protect your planet and help your budget.

These days, fewer people repair their electronics and prefer to throw them away. What do they do next? Well, how can they resist to the urge of buying a brand new toy? They run to the store and get whatever device was launched recently.

Do not fall into that trap. Most often than not, recycled devices are inspected, refurbished and as good as brand new electronics. You know what is even better? Their cost! They are a lot less expensive than new devices. Buying second hand allows you to reduce the ecological footprint of a device that might have otherwise ended its days at the municipal landfill.

Recycell offers a wide variety of used smartphones to help you make responsible choices. On our website, you can find plenty of used Samsung phones, as well as cheap iPhone 4 and iphone 5, in order to stay connected at a very small price. Buying from us means that you respect your planet and that you want to do something tangible to protect it.

The used cell phones we sell are in such great condition that nobody will be able to guess that your device is second hand. We care about the quality of the products we sell and you can be assured that you will not be disappointed.