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Lost or stolen phone: what should you do?

Cell phones have become a daily necessity for most people in today’s world. These devices contain an endless amount of personal information, conversations, pictures and other valuable information.

Because life is not perfect, you might lose your cell phone, or worse, get it stolen.

Do you know what to do if your cell phone gets lost or stolen? Find out here.

Try to locate your lost phone

Most smartphones now have a location application built into the device that allows you to locate the phone when activated. This could help you find it if used quickly after theft or loss.

For example, iPhone‘s built-in “Find my iPhone” app allows you to see where the phone is located and protect your data with the “Activation Lock” feature. This can be very useful to find your cell phone and save you some troubles.

For safety reasons, you should never confront the thief yourself. Instead, use the information collected with the software as evidence to show the police so that they can help you find your device.

Contact your service provider to suspend your account

Another important step to take if you lose your cell phone is to contact your mobile service provider to suspend the account linked to the device. They will deactivate the phone’s SIM card to prevent unauthorized plan use and prevent you from paying additional charges due to fraudulent use.

Your mobile service provider can also add your lost or stolen cell phone to a national blacklist so that it will never function on any operator networks in the country.

Report the stolen phone to the police

Finally, if your cell phone is lost of stolen, file a police report.

Make sure to have the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) of your device with you when reporting the theft to the police. Although stolen cell phones may not be their priority, the police might be able to find it in a raid if they have the IMEI number.

To find the IMEI number of your device, type *#06# on your keypad. It will then appear on your screen and you can write it down.

The faster you act, the more likely you are to find your lost or stolen phone

The first thing to do if you lose your cell phone is to try to locate it with the software included in your phone. If you do not find it, you will need to contact your mobile service provider and the police to put your phone on a national blacklist.

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