iPhone – or shall we say iOS? – and Android are the two main players on the smartphone market. Both operating systems have their own features and it is sometimes very hard to choose between the two.

We have decided to put together the main features and characteristics of both systems and devices sold by Apple and Google in order to help you get a better idea of the whole picture when the time comes to purchasing a new phone.

Compatibility with other devices

Do you already own many Apple products? If so, you should seriously consider  buying an iPhone. Indeed, Apple allows you to link your iCloud account to all your devices, thus helping you access your contacts, personal data and documents a lot faster.

Smartphones types

iOS can only be used with Apple devices. If you want to use this particular operating system, you will have to buy a phone that is manufactured by no other than Apple. This is mostly why we automatically link iOS with iPhone. One cannot go without the other.

The iPhone is a great well-designed product. It is, however, important to note that the battery cannot be removed – at all – and that it is impossible to upgrade the memory of any of these devices by adding a mini or micro SD card. Therefore, you must choose the amount of memory you wish to have upon purchasing your phone.

Android lets you choose from a wider selection of devices, among which are the very popular Samsung Galaxy and Google’s Nexus phones. These devices are generally a lot bigger than the iPhone, which can slightly complicate things when carrying them around – they cannot be carried easily in your jacket pockets, for instance. However, you can upgrade your phone’s memory by adding a mini or a micro SD card.

Also, Android phones can be charged with a simple mini or micro USB cable. Did you just lose your charger? No worries, simply look for a mini or a micro USB cable. You either have one of these lying somewhere or someone can lend you one.

Smartphones apps

Some businesses would rather prioritize the design of iPhone apps over Android, since the different versions of iOS and the relative consistency between screen resolutions among Apple phones is very stable.

Many developers tend to experience difficulties with designing apps that are compatible with all of the Android versions on the market as well as with the significantly higher number of devices – that all have different screen resolutions – on which the operating system is available. The wide variety of Android devices is a good thing, of course, but only for the consumer.

Developers are still struggling to design apps for this specific system. That is why you must also take into account which apps you might use the most before making your decision. Indeed, some of them might not even be available on Android!

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