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Which Phone Should You Choose Between the iPhone SE and iPhone 7?

Looking to purchase a good quality smartphone without spending a fortune? You might want to consider buying an older iPhone model.

To help you choose the best model depending on your needs, here is a comparison of two excellent Apple products: the iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 7 performance

Let’s start by comparing the performance of the iPhone SE and iPhone 7.

The iPhone SE has the same A9 processor as the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 7 is equipped with the A10 Fusion processor, which uses two high-performance modules for advanced tasks and two other ones for more basic tasks.

The iPhone 7’s processor has been shown to be 30% quicker than the SE’s, but this difference is not necessarily noticeable to the user. Even a used iPhone 7 is the more scalable of the two phones.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone SE design

In terms of design, the two devices do not necessarily have anything that sets them apart from previous models.

The iPhone SE looks almost the same as the iPhone 5, whereas the iPhone 7 is a slightly bigger version of the iPhone 6. It therefore depends on if you prefer having a more compact device (iPhone SE) or a bigger screen (iPhone 7).

One difference that may influence your decision is the 3.5mm port on the iPhone SE to plug earphones. Apple has removed it from the iPhone 7, so the iPhone SE might be the better choice if you want to avoid using an earphone adapter.

Which phone has a better camera?

It cannot be denied that the iPhone 7 has a better camera than the iPhone SE. Pictures and videos taken with the iPhone 7 have much better definition. The image noise on pictures taken in low light is also much better than on those taken with the iPhone SE.

Finally, the front camera of the iPhone 7 is much more powerful, with 7 megapixels rather than 1.2 megapixels for the SE.

Battery life and storage capacity

The battery of the iPhone 7 is bigger to power a larger and brighter screen.

However, the iPhone 7’s battery does not last as long as one might hope. The iPhone SE’s battery life is much better than the iPhone 7’s for normal daily use.

As far as storage is concerned, the iPhone 7 has an advantage. While the iPhone SE is available at a respectable 64GB storage capacity, the iPhone 7 is available with 128GB and 256GB storage capacities, which is necessary to store a large number of photos and HD videos.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 7: which one to choose?

So which device is better between the iPhone SE and iPhone 7? Let’s summarize:

  • The iPhone 7 performs better than the iPhone SE
  • The iPhone SE is more compact and has an earphone jack
  • The iPhone 7’s camera is better than the iPhone SE’s
  • The iPhone SE’s battery life is better than the iPhone 7’s

Considering these points, one isn’t necessarily better than the other between the iPhone SE and iPhone 7. Your decision will depend on the cell phone features you prefer.

Keep in mind that since the iPhone 7 is a newer model, it will probably be better adapted for software updates than the iPhone SE. This might be important if you are planning on keeping it for a long time.

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