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6 Common iPhone 12 Problems and Their Solutions

The iPhone 12 was Apple’s flagship phone for 2020. The iPhone 12 lineup includes four different models—the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 itself. With improved cameras, OLED displays and many other features besides, the series is yet another strong offering from the tech giant.

That being said, reports of glitches, flaws and other problems have dogged the iPhone 12 series since its release. Fortunately, a lot of these issues have fairly simple solutions. In this article, find out about 6 of the most common iPhone 12 problems and how to fix them!

Battery life problems

Poor battery life is one of the most common phone problems. In terms of hardware, the iPhone 12 series is already at a disadvantage, because the devices have batteries with 10% less capacity than iPhone 11s. Apple promised that the actual battery life would be the same because of a more power-efficient chip, but in practice, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In terms of software, some versions of iOS 14 seem to have a negative effect on battery life. This can affect older models of iPhones running versions of iOS 14 as well. Later versions may solve the problem, so try updating your phone to the latest OS to see whether your battery life improves.

Sometimes, specific apps are responsible for significant battery drain. You can check whether any of your apps are eating up a lot of power by going into Settings, selecting Battery, and scrolling down to see your Battery Usage. You’ll be able to see exactly what percentage of your battery each app uses and delete any that are causing real problems.

Last but not least, if your phone’s battery is dying fast and you’re not sure why, you can always try restarting your device. It’s amazing how many tech issues can be improved or resolved by the classic “turn it off and on again”!

Overheating problems

A lot of the issues that cause battery drain can also make your phone overheat. The same iOS updates that have a negative effect on battery life can also cause overheating problems, so try updating your phone to see if the issue persists. Apps that drain a lot of battery may also cause your phone to heat up, so check your Battery Usage to see whether there are any particular apps that may be the culprit.

If your phone still gets hot easily, some solutions you can try to mitigate the problem include removing your case, reducing your screen brightness, restarting your device, and putting it into airplane mode.

Charging problems

Apple no longer includes a power adapter in the package with a new iPhone 12. Customers who want a new charger for their device have to buy one separately. The iPhone 12 series also no longer comes with EarPods. Apple says the decision was made in order to reduce its carbon footprint, arguing that most customers already have power adapters and earphones at home, and that more and more people are turning towards wireless options.

However, wireless charging for iPhone 12 is proving problematic. Apple’s MagSafe wireless chargers for iPhone 12 and up are supposedly able to provide double the power of normal Qi chargers, but according to reports, their power output drops significantly after the first 10 minutes of charging. Furthermore, the magnets used to latch the MagSafe charger to the iPhone can cause implanted pacemakers and defibrillators to fail, making them dangerous for certain individuals.

Unfortunately, iPhone 12 models tend not to work well with third-party wireless chargers or older Apple ones, so MagSafe remains the best charging option for iPhone 12 regardless of its flaws.

If your phone isn’t charging properly, the first step is to ensure that you have the correct MagSafe charger. Then, you can try removing your phone case to see if that improves things. If not, you can reset your iPhone by pressing and then releasing the volume up button, then pressing and releasing the volume down button, and finally pressing the power button until your phone turns off.

Green-tinted screen

When the iPhone 12 was first released, there were reports of green-tinted displays and flickering problems. Apple acknowledged that the iPhone 12 series was having display issues and took steps to correct it with the iOS 14 software update.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing green tint or other display issues, the first step is to update your OS, which will more than likely solve the problem. Otherwise, you can try adjusting your screen brightness, which has been shown to help in some cases. If both solutions prove ineffective, the problem is most likely hardware-related and will need to be fixed by a specialist.

Easily scratched screen

The glass used to make both the screen and the back of the iPhone 12 series appears to be easily damaged. Many users have reported the glass on their iPhone getting scratched for no apparent reason. The iPhone 12 is made with Ceramic Shield, a type of glass that Apple claims provides four times more durability than the glass on previous iPhone models. However, in a bid to make the glass less prone to cracking, it has been made softer, which can increase its vulnerability to scratches.

The best fix for a scratched screen is to prevent it from happening in the first place by investing in a good-quality screen protector. Otherwise, the only remaining solution is to replace the glass, which can be very expensive.

5G not working

The iPhone 12 is the first Apple smartphone to support the 5G network. It’s important to note that while 5G offers much faster data speeds, it can also significantly increase your battery drain.

Although the iPhone 12 is 5G-enabled, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be able to use it. First, you need to make sure that you’re on a phone plan that includes 5G. You’ll also want to find out whether 5G service is available in your area. Finally, you’ll need a SIM card that supports 5G. If you’re using the SIM card that came with your iPhone 12, there shouldn’t be any problem, but if you want to use an old SIM card, you may need to get it upgraded to support 5G.

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