When buying a used cellphone, it is very important to verify, before anything else, if it was stolen. In fact, when a cellphone is declared stolen by its previous owner, it ends up on a blacklist. Blacklisted devices are then blocked by every mobile network provider (Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc.). Without network access, the device becomes almost useless and therefore, loses all its market value.

Two simple steps

Fortunately, there exist a very easy and accessible way to verify a used cellphone’s status. Every phone, smartphone or not, has a 15 digits serial number used to identify it. This code is named IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). You can find this code in your phone’s settings or by entering « *#06# » on your keyboard, just like you would when calling somebody.

Finally, visit this website www.devicecheck.ca/check-status-device-canada/ and enter your IMEI code in the specified slot. This website, created by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), will verify your phone’s status for you, no fees attached.

That’s it! With this simple method, you can now buy a used cellphone in security and peace of mind.