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How to Protect Your Phone from Physical Damage

Are you the kind of person who often drops your mobile phone? Have you had the screen of your mobile device replaced more than once?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A study in the United States found that Americans drop their cell phone an average of 4 times a week!

Considering that your mobile phone is often subjected to shocks or accidents, what measures should you take to protect it from physical damage? Find out how to protect your phone.

Get a good case to protect your cell phone from shocks and liquids

You’ve probably been through this before: your cell phone slips out of your hand and you try to catch it, only to see it fall face first on the hard ground.

Avoid this unpleasant experience by getting a good quality phone case. A well-protected cell phone is far less likely to break and will save you the cost of repairs. There are even water-resistant pouches that can protect your phone if you go to the pool or the beach.

Protect your phone from cracks and scratches with a screen protector

A glass screen protector is also handy for protecting your phone screen from cracks, scratches and dust. Although most phone screens today are impact and scratch resistant, they are not indestructible.

For example, if you put your mobile phone in the same pocket as your keys, they could scratch the screen when you move around. If your screen is protected, however, you can simply replace the screen protector if it cracks or scratches.

Keep your smartphone away from extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures like summer heat waves or the freezing cold weather of Quebec winters can take a toll on your cell phone.

Excessive heat can severely affect the battery and other components of your phone, which could cause data loss or shorten battery life. Extreme cold can also cause the phone to lose its charge quickly and make it more stiff and prone to breakage.

You should always keep your phone in a safe place to avoid these problems. When it is very hot, keep your phone out of the sun. Instead, store it in your bag. If it’s cold, it’s a good idea to stash your phone in an inside pocket of your coat so that your body heat can warm it up.

Get a mobile phone holder to keep it stable

Do you frequently drop your smartphone in the car or when charging it next to your bed? A phone holder could be the solution to this problem.

There are cell phone holders made for cars where you mount your phone and can plug it in to charge. Phone stands are also very useful for charging your cell phone at night. This type of stand gives you a convenient place to put your phone at night instead of leaving it on your bed and risking it falling on the floor.

Find the perfect used cell phone at Recycell

In conclusion, you can protect your mobile phone from all kinds of physical damage by making sure you have the right accessories to limit the consequences of a fall, such as a protective screen or case. You should also avoid exposing your mobile device to extreme temperatures.

At Recycell, our used phones are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet your expectations. Visit our online store to discover our wide selection of used cell phones!


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