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How to Keep Your Phone Battery from Dying in Cold Weather

With February just around the corner, the temperature in Canada is set to plunge to its coldest point of the year. While most people have already broken out their most protective winter apparel, many people still neglect to protect their electronic devices.

Have you ever noticed your phone losing its charge, becoming unresponsive or suddenly dying in cold weather? This may come as a shock, but even a sleek new iPhone or Samsung phone isn’t designed to handle temperatures below freezing.

Have no fear, Recycell is here!

In this article, we show you how to protect your phone battery in cold weather with some winterproofing tips that will keep your phone from suffering a frigid fate.

Protect your phone battery in cold weather with a winterproof case

Much like us humans need to bundle up in warm protective layers when winter arrives, your phone needs its own defense against the cold weather. There is a good chance the protective cell phone case you use most of the year won’t be enough to brave the harsh Canadian winter.

When shopping for a case that will protect your phone battery in cold weather, look for products that offer thermal protection and temperature control, made from insulating materials that are designed to withstand temperatures well below freezing.

Avoid exposing your phone to cold air

While this may seem obvious, sometimes the urge to answer a text or peek at who’s calling can be the trigger that leads to your phone battery being damaged by cold air. Avoid the impulse to take your phone out in cold weather and keep it sheltered in your pocket or bag.

Shut your phone off in cold weather

Even better than using sheer willpower to avoid using your phone in cold weather is shutting it down before leaving home or work. This proactive approach will ensure you don’t feel the urge to answer any messages while also conserving your battery power (which can drain much more quickly in the cold) and increasing your phone’s safe temperature range by up to 20° C (in the case of the iPhone).

Power-saving mode and Bluetooth

If you absolutely need to use your phone in the cold weather (to use the GPS, for example), you should have your phone’s power-saving mode activated to avoid stressing the battery, which is already very vulnerable to the cold. If you urgently need to take a call, use Bluetooth technology and keep the phone as close as possible to your warm body (in your pocket, for example).

What if your phone dies in the cold?

If, despite all the tips above, your phone happens to die because of the cold weather, your best bet is to allow it to reach a normal temperature in a warm location. While it should function normally after warming up, your phone likely won’t be able to handle this type of stress multiple times before dying for good.

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