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How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

Are you tired of your phone taking hours to charge and wondering how to speed up the process?

In this article, Recycell specialists present 6 useful tips to make your phone charge faster.

1. Avoid using your phone while it’s charging

The first tip to make your phone charge faster is to avoid using it while it’s charging. Turning on your screen is one of the most battery-draining things you can do. If you turn it on repeatedly to check the time or your notifications, your phone will charge more slowly.

If you use battery-draining apps on top of that, your phone will take even longer to charge. Apps like Facebook, streaming platforms and mobile games eat up a huge amount of battery.

The next time you’re charging your phone, try reading a book instead!

2. Put your phone in airplane mode

The next tip to help your phone charge faster is to put it in airplane mode. Even when you’re not using your phone, it’s usually connected to WiFi, LTE, 4G, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. and is using a significant amount of power to keep those connections active.

Airplane mode automatically deactivates all of those connections, allowing the phone to charge more quickly.

Note that you cannot receive calls or text messages when airplane mode is on, so if you’re expecting an important call, it’s best to avoid using this strategy.

To access airplane mode on your iPhone, Samsung or other Android device, go into Settings. Airplane mode should be one of the first options. Simply slide the button to turn it on.

3. Use a wall charger instead of a USB port

If your phone isn’t charging well, you might want to take a look at how you’re charging it. Charging your phone through a USB port is much less efficient than using a wall charger.

Using a wall charger is more effective because the phone is plugged directly into the electrical outlet rather than going through a computer port.

Make sure you use a wall charger that is compatible with your cell phone model. Tablet chargers, for example, may be too powerful for your phone and could end up damaging it.

It’s a good idea to stick to chargers from the same brand as your device. Third-party wall chargers are often made with lower-quality materials than official Apple and Samsung chargers, for example.

4. Turn off your phone entirely

A more drastic way to get your phone to charge faster is to turn it off completely while it’s charging. When the phone is off, the battery isn’t being used at all, so the charging speed will be optimal.

Of course, choosing this option means that you won’t have access to your phone at all, which isn’t ideal for everyone. But if you need to charge your device as quickly as possible, turning it off is the best solution.

5. Charge your phone more often, for a shorter period of time

To optimize your phone’s charging time, it might be worth getting into the habit of charging it in several short bursts rather than one long one.

It’s actually useless to let your phone charge to 100%. Ideally, it should be kept between 40% and 80% to optimize the battery life.

This method also saves precious time. Fully charging a cell phone takes an hour and a half to 3 hours, depending on the model, and most devices charge much faster at the beginning than at the end. For example, it can take the same amount of time to go from 50% to 70% as it does to go from 0% to 50%. Charging in several quick bursts allows you to stay within the optimal charging time.

Some devices also have a fast charging feature, which can speed up the charging process even more.

6. Charge your phone in a cool place

It’s generally recommended to keep your phone in a cool place when charging it. An environment that is too hot can damage your cell phone’s battery.

If your phone gets very hot when you charge it, try taking off the case to let it breathe a bit. Make sure you place it out of the sun on a cool surface to increase charging speed and prevent it from overheating.

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You can make your phone charge faster by adopting a few simple habits that will save time and improve your phone’s battery life.

Ideally, you should turn off your phone completely if you want it to charge as quickly as possible. However, that’s not always possible if you need access to your calls or messages, so consider turning off any networks you don’t need to use, or switch to airplane mode.

Want more tips on cell phone care? The pros at Recycell offer plenty of tips and information in our blog section.

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