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Environmentally Friendly Phones: Fact or Fiction?

By the end of the year, it is projected that there will be approximately 9.2 billion active mobile phone subscriptions worldwide. This staggering number also accounts for a substantial number of phones that need to be replaced annually.

From an ecological standpoint, it is important to consider the advent of “green” phones. But do these environmentally friendly phones really exist? Find out more as we cover the subject for you here.

Environmentally friendly phones: the market trend

While there aren’t that many eco-friendly phones on the market, a growing number of companies are moving towards producing more eco-friendly models. Several manufacturers are creating smartphones that charge more efficiently and use less energy.

Progress is also being made in the recycling of materials used for mobile phones. Some companies, such as Samsung, are introducing new greener models every year. For example, the Galaxy Exhilarate is an Android smartphone made from 80% post-consumer waste. This phone has a lower impact on the environment and radiation levels emitted during its production are minimal.

If you want to be part of the green movement, buy smart and trust companies that offer these types of smartphones.

Recycled phones: turning old into new

Whenever a new phone enters the market, old models are quickly forgotten. Fortunately, many companies buy these older models and resell them at a lower cost. This new way of consuming helps you save money and reduce your carbon footprint through active recycling.

You can also buy mobile phones that were previously obsolete or used in order to give them a second life. These devices are inspected by experts and returned to excellent condition. The advantage is that they are generally much cheaper. You can even choose between different carriers since the phone will be unlocked.

These simple actions can make a big difference to the environment and to your wallet.

Environmentally friendly phones in 2020: a smart move for the planet

There you go! Now you know a little bit more about eco-friendly phones. Although there are few of them on the market, we can still see some great advances from manufacturers.

Contact us now to find the smartphone you need or for more information. At Recycell, we have a wide variety of used and recycled phones to offer you at a fraction of the price.


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