Common Smartphone Repairs

Daily use of your smartphone certainly makes it more vulnerable to breakage and accidents. Broken screens, camera problems, etc. Over time, these various repairs can sadly cost quite a bit if you have them done by a professional.

Have you ever wondered if you could repair your smartphone yourself? Well the answer is yes, but with a few caveats!

In this article, find out some common examples of smartphone repairs that can be done at home.

How to replace a broken screen on your smartphone

If you’re a real techie and have the tools to do the job, fixing the broken screen on your like-new cell phone should be easy enough. There are plenty of tutorials online that explain in detail how to repair your screen.

However, this is a risky procedure, since you will have to completely disassemble the unit to change the screen. Also, this repair will be more or less difficult depending on the model of your smartphone. For example, Samsung Galaxy phones are more complicated to repair because you have to remove the back window of the phone.

In short, you can manage it, but given the complexity of the task, why not prevent accidents by getting a screen protector?

Repairing a faulty headphone jack on your phone

Is the sound coming out of your headphones when you plug them into your mobile device worse than it used to be? This could signal a problem with your headphone jack.

But don’t panic! Repairing a headphone jack is quite simple.

The main reason headphone jacks malfunction is the accumulation of dust and particles inside them. Cleaning is as simple as sending a few bursts of compressed air to dislodge the dirt.

However, if the problem persists after cleaning, the phone will need to be disassembled to completely change the jack. Again, this can be done using the appropriate tools.

Is the camera lens on your smartphone broken? Replace it!

If you drop your cell phone, it’s quite possible that the camera lens on your cell phone will break.

While this breakage may seem rather serious and difficult to repair yourself, it is indeed possible to fix. In fact, for some smartphone models, you don’t have to remove the camera from the motherboard to change the external lens. Just look for an online tutorial and follow the instructions carefully to succeed!

Recycell, the used phone restoration pro

In the end, you don’t necessarily have to spend an astronomical amount of money to repair your smartphone. With the right tools and the many resources available online, some repairs can be done at home!

Is your phone too damaged to be repaired? Maybe it’s time to replace it!

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