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How to Give a Cell Phone as a Gift

Giving a family member or loved one a cell phone as a gift to is becoming more and more common. With cell phones constantly growing in popularity, it’s a great gift idea if you want to spoil someone in your life.

But how do you choose the right device and phone plan to give as a gift? Discover 4 great tips in this article.

Go for an unlocked cell phone

A good way to surprise someone close to you is to give them an unlocked cell phone as a gift.

The biggest advantage of an unlocked device is that the recipient can choose their own plan with the mobile carrier of their choice.

For example, if you are sure that this person wants an iPhone, you can simply buy the device without having to worry about choosing a package for them.

Moreover, Recycell offers you a large selection of excellent unlocked used cell phones. So you can give a cell phone as a gift without having to spend an astronomical amount of money.

Find out what type of device the person wants

Before buying a phone as a gift, find out what kind of phone your loved one would like to receive.

While the latest smart phones are very trendy, not everyone wants to own one. Some only use their cell phone for basic functions. A super-sophisticated phone won’t necessarily be what they’re looking for.

Also, find out what brands of cell phones the person prefers. This might bring to mind the famous war between iPhone and Android fans, which won’t end anytime soon!

Gather as much information as possible about the type of device that the recipient of the gift might like.

Research the different packages and providers

If you’re looking to give your child or teenager a cell phone as a gift, you’ll probably want to choose a cell phone plan as well.

To choose the right package, you should first ask yourself a few questions and establish rules of use that your child will have to follow.

Do you want to get your child a data plan? Do you want them to be satisfied with basic features such as texting and calling? What budget are you willing to put into buying a cell phone plan for your child?

All of these questions will help you make a better choice of device and package for your child.

Give them the promise of a new cell phone as a gift

Finally, a simpler solution if you don’t want to bother yourself too much is to offer the promise of a cell phone as a gift to your loved one.

Although this can ruin the surprise, this option lets you fulfill your good intention while giving the other person the freedom to choose a device they really want. It’s the best of both worlds!

Find the ideal cell phone to give as a gift with Recycell

Before you give a phone as a gift, make sure you do your research.

Find out about the device the person would like to receive and the different packages offered. This research will also help you find a nice gift at a reasonable price.

Are you looking for a cell phone to give as a gift? Visit Recycell’s online store to find a used device that will delight that special person in your life.


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