It’s good to know that you can buy a used cell phone that is in a very good state, for a cheap price. But while this might be advantageous, it is not without risk. Many scammers and thieves are out there and you need to be careful when you decide to buy a used cell phone. Fortunately, we can all avoid being scammed by adopting a good customer behaviour.

Ways to avoid purchasing a stolen used cell phone

Many of the used cell phones sold on the web are stolen and there isn’t much you can do about it, beside avoiding to purchase one.  Certain methods, which can be more or less effective, exists to limit the risks of encountering a stolen used cell phone. They are tools for detecting whether a used cell phone has been reported stoled or lost. In Canada, for example, the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association has implemented an effective tool for this purpose: Through this website, any buyer can check the status (stolen or not) of the device they wish to buy.

Things to check before buying used cell phones

Remember to check out the price of a new device. It would be a loss to buy a used cell phone costing more than the new ones sold in stores.

To avoid buying a faulty device, some checks are necessary. You should ensure of the proper operation of the used phone, including the touch mode, screen, charging circuit, camera, videos. Everything must work correctly. Whenever possible, it is very important to thoroughly inspect a used device. If you do not have access to the phone beforehand, proceed to the purchase by secure platforms such as PayPal, Amazon, eBay or other secure purchase platform insured against scammers.

Where can I buy a used cell phone with a lower risk of scam?

The best way to buy a used cell phone while limiting the risk of being scammed is to opt for Recycell, because we do not process phones that belonged to individuals. Here, you will find used phones that were bought in batches from companies who wanted to change their employees’ old devices. All phones on our website are thoroughly inspected to prevent the sale of a dysfunctional used cell phone.You can be assured that you will not be sold a stolen device or one that is in poor condition. In addition, you may return the product if it does not meet your expectations within 30 days after purchase. If you want to go through other channels, you can also go through forums or classifieds ads, but the risks of scams are much higher than with a registered company. Remember to study the different offers before you commit: price, payment method, warranties, etc. Beware of enchanting prices and those who refuse to show their identity.